Affirmations 101

Personal development is necessary for anyone’s self-improvement to reach their ultimate bliss. An affirmation is a repeated mantra you repeat to yourself to create personal change, bringing new situations into one’s life. Be mindful that these statements can be positive or negative. While negative thoughts can cut deeply, positive words have the power to heal. Essentially, our subconscious mind sprinkled with our thoughts and words are incredibly powerful.

Research has shown that repeating affirmations increases neural pathways in the brain, offering therapeutic benefits for physical and psychological well-being. In many ways, it’s the same as training a muscle during fitness workouts, the repetition of reprogramming our thinking patterns. They resemble visualization along with mental images. It’s a good idea to have affirmations somewhere you can easily see them, such as your mirror when looking at yourself, the living room when first walking into your home, your cellphone screen saver, inside your gym bag, in the car, on top of your wallet or business essentials, or earbuds when listening to a good self-help book. The key is to affirm with MIGHTY words such as “I am” “I will” “I allow” “I can”, and “I manifest.”

Let’s say a few together 😊….

☆ My day begins and ends with much gratitude
☆ I feel confident in my own skin
☆ I am healing ancestral traumas
☆ My business allows me to have a life I love
☆ Me asking for help is not a form of weakness, but of courage and self-awareness
☆ I allow others to be exactly as they are
☆ I radiate beauty, harmony, and grace
☆ I intuitively eat foods that treat, respect, and nourish my body
☆ I speak with good intentions with love as the foundation
☆ It is my birthright to take a break and rest without guilt
☆ My mind, body, and spirit are open to loving relationships
☆ Everything that I touch turns to gold
☆ Abundance flows to and through me
☆ I am a magnet for positive love and romance
☆ I manifest all lovely treasures from the Earth and Cosmos
☆ I know that I am safe, grounded, and supported
☆ I can do more by doing less
☆ Everyone always notices when I enter a room


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